Global Lolzing

Submissions and Agreements


1. Find a nais pix of globul warmings or sumting else to make funs of globul warmings wif.

2. Go to the LolCat Builder. Make a globul warmings lol by inserting funny or ironic capshens. No photoshoppy skillz is needed.

3. Save the finished images, sends it to

4. Try to include the following informashuns:

Yor name./screen name or who you stoled borrowed it from.

Yor blog if you hast ones (or the place you found the lols).

Where the original unedited pix is from.

A news link relaited to yor funnie pix, if it will help us laff at stoopid globul warmings. If you can’t finds it, givs some info and we’ll try find it.


1. You are still the creator of yor lols and will receive full credits. Go ahead and post it everywhere globul warmings is exists.

2. By submitting the lols to us, you givs us right to use it however we wanna. We can post it everywheres too.

3. Sorees, this funnie pix blog no givs out carbons credit for submissions. O well!


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